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Lone Survivor of Yarnell Hill Wildfire 


Brendan McDonough  

When it comes to really digging deep in recovery, in work, as a family man, and in faith, Brendan McDonough is living proof that Breaking Down Barriers leads to success in recovery. And to being happy, joyous and free.


Out of 20 of Prescott, Arizona’s Granite Mountain Hotshots, Brendan McDonough’s life was spared.


That fateful summer day in 2013 brings haunting memories for Brendan. Ones fraught with depression, despair, post-traumatic stress disorder and one all-encompassing thought: Why me?


Previous to becoming a Hotshot, Brendan already had overcome incredible barriers by recovering from a crippling heroin and alcohol addition, with his then-unborn daughter as inspiration. Staying off of drugs after the emotional trauma of losing his brothers was yet another seemingly insurmountable barrier.


Instead of ultimately succumbing, he faced his addiction and behavioral triggers with grace, and continues to walk a meaningful journey with the memory of his fallen Hotshot brothers compelling him forward. And moreover, believing there to be a powerful reason his life was saved.


Today, Brendan’s growing family can be proud of their father, who walks in service of others as they encounter sobriety one day at a time. At CARE, you’ll hear how he threads these incredible lessons into the fabric of his life, his work, his family, and most importantly, his faith in his higher power.


You won’t want to miss Brendan’s story.

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