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September 7
September 14 
September 28

Reunite, Reconnect in Recovery

About Celebrate The Art of Recovery Expo (CARE)

CARE 2021 dates:  Sept 7, 14, 28

Celebrate the Art of Recovery Expo (CARE) is an annual event known for its inspiring stories and lifesaving resources. Each year, a keynote speaker shares an inspirational message and also moderates panel discussions based around a different theme.

Family and friends often look for answers and need support to better understand what their loved ones are experiencing. Although the recovery process is not quick or simple, healing is possible for everyone.


Millions of lives are transformed through recovery. National Recovery Month is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate these accomplishments.

CARE will feature AZ Family Channel 3 news anchor Brandon Lee and panelists as they discuss:

  • Chemicals of Concern with Stephanie Siete, Public Information Officer, CBI - Tuesday, Sept. 7

  • Kids at Risk: Snapchat - The Newest Drug Dealing Trend with Ashley Thompson - Tuesday, Sept. 14

  • Growing in Recovery - Tuesday, Sept. 28

Who Should Attend CARE?​

CARE offers positive solutions to anyone facing challenges with substance abuse and/or mental health. Addiction and mental health works hand in hand affecting families, businesses and the community.

  • Public and private substance use & mental health service providers

  • Substance use & mental health consumers and their families

  • Substance use & mental health policy makers and advocates

  • First Responders: police and fire departments

Keynote Speaker and Moderator
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