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10:00 am | Welcome


10:30 am | Stephanie Siete & Kerry Ramella

Stephanie Siete, CBI’s Public Information Officer, and Kerry Remella, First Responder open and introduce Keynote Speaker, Brendan McDonough.


11:00 am | Keynote Speaker

Brendan McDonough, Former Granite Mountain Hotshot & Lone Survivor

of the Yarnell Hill Wildfire, shares his experiences as he struggled through depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and one all-encompassing thought: Why me?!


12:00 am | Q & A with Kerry & Brendan

Kerry and Brendan dive deep into the impact and role that an outsider plays when one is going through a crisis or traumatic event.


12:30 PM | Community Peers

CBI Peers take the stage to spread hope and inspiration as we celebrate their recovery journey.


1:00 PM   | Meet & Greet with Brendan

Brendan McDonough will be available for a personal encounter. Please stop by and share a moment with this incredible human being.


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